Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tot School 7/09

We've had a great week.  Sometimes I think that I should have a "structured school time" like I know other families do.  But, it seems that all of life is about learning so we happily go from one activity to the next and the kids never even know they are "at school."  It works for us for now.

Kay is sorting some things from around the house by color.  We have been working on colors and sorting this week.
Here she is grouping them in piles instead of rows :)
For kitchen time this week we had fun making edible sparklers and rockets for the 4th of July.  To see how they turned out, go to our other blog

Tracing airplanes (obsession!)

Cutting out the airplanes he traced...

Next Jay read a book about season and we split this paper into 4 seasons and he glued airplanes into the sky of each season and drew pictures on the land and in the air of what happens in that season.
Kay had fun tracing airplanes too...that girl can be dangerous with a pen though!

We've been feeding the birds in the backyard and had some fun visitors!
Kay says, "Monk!" every time this guy comes around!

Another life skill at work.  I added some height with some wood blocks to Jay's pedals so he can reach better=lots more fun!  Kay is a natural at steering the stroller.

Jay is really into stop signs and road signs in general.  He told me he had to stop here because there was a stop sign.

Jay likes to take pictures around the house.  I gave him my camera for about 7 minutes and these are a few of his shots:
It's fun to see things from his perspective.  These are some of the letters he's been writing each day.  I guess I should explain why they are all hanging from the chandelier: we are only here for the summer and can't put any holes in the walls!  Crazy end of the ribbon tied to the window and one to the chandelier to display :)
some of his favorites from our village...I love how his knee is in the pic.
Can you tell what his favorite animal is from this photo of one of his puzzles?

Kay loves to put on and take off her shoes.  Most of the time they are on the correct feet...sometimes not )

We were lucky to find some great duplos at the thrift store and Jay has been busy making "peacocks and birds on skates."

Hours of fun for everyone!

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Chantel said...

I love the idea for sparklers! My son is obsessed with pretzel sticks :)
And the pictures your little one took are so sweet!
Thanks for sharing!!