Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tot School

I love taking pictures of my kids.  They love to have their pictures taken too.  Jay has decided that he loves to go around taking pictures also!  I will be including a few of his photos each week because it is fun to see the world from his perspective :)

This is a project that started out different than Jay wanted to do.  Here is what his idea of it was:

I love this photo of him reading to himself!

He loves playing learning games on the computer.  This week we practiced states and their capitals, herbivores vs. carnivores, and did puzzles of national monuments all on the computer at this site

Kay loves horses and animals in general.  We did lots of stickers and talked about the different breeds of animals.

She did stamps on a paper plate and we turned it into a purse.  This girl is a bag fan!  We were inspired by this

I picked up this Mother/baby puzzle this week at a thrift store.  Kay loves it and is really good at it!

This is what the project from the first photo really was.  We've been practicing memorizing letter combinations.  Jay glued on the sticks.
Jay took this photo of Kay playing with our village.

We did transportation stickers and Jay and Kay both loved them.  Jay made a story out of his.  Yes, the airplanes are all making a crash landing!  Stickers never get old!

More friends from the village.  That is Jay with his birds.  This week we made a farm.
Jay took this photo too.  It's of his favorite book next to his bed :)
And he did this airplane puzzle in no time flat on his first try!

That is all I have photos of, we've also been having fun with music :)
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