Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tot School Aug 2nd week

We have just one more week of summer before we head back "home."  We've had a fun week with friends, learning, and fun eats too :)

Jay and Kay decided they wanted to do map time together.  Kay identified the state and Jay named its capital city.  It was a fun and cute way to practice :)

We made creature Krispies with this fun mix.

Kay has started doing headstands and summersaults everywhere.

Jay had his last Spanish lesson of the summer.  His teacher loaned him this Spanish dictionary that he really enjoyed.

Kay's colors are finally more than just names to her.  No longer abstract, she can match and name and collect them consistently.  This was a fun sorting game.
We had a package of stickers that came in 4 colors.  She sorted them all out.
This is Kay's favorite art book from the library.  She gets it out nearly everyday.  She looks at it and hums "The Baptism Song" that the kids have been learning this year.  Somehow the two match to her :)

I was lucky enough to score a pair of adjustable size roller skates and roller blades at the thrift store.  $4 for both pair of nearly new skates and lots of fun together!

We made a fun recycle lacing activity that Jay really enjoyed.

We made a family visit to some beautiful gardens nearby.  Family time is so precious.  We saw lots of wildlife too!

Jay learned how to hold his violin up under his chin this week!

We also learned how to make our own tap shoes and had a dance party!

Listening for the week:

La Campanella (listen for the bells :)