Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tot School 2

We have had a fun week around here.  Jay is getting really good at cutting (ie making confetti) and he has loved the pattern scissors that I got out for him this week.
We made teddy bear finger puppets and sandwiches for our teddy bear picnic.
Kay and Jay have had a great time with our Village People and play for hours with them.
Water coloring was fun to do on a rainy day. 
Kay fingerpainted with yogurt.
Writing with dry erase markers on the back door was also a fun indoor activity and a great way to practice writing letters.
Jay is getting good at telling time.  They love to get all the pieces out!
Jay loves to take pictures.  He goes around taking pictures of his favorite things.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!
Kay loves this puzzle book and is really good now at matching the animal shapes.
This book has been a fun reading tool for Jay.  It has stickers that go with the different suffixes for words so he writes the words out too.
We made an accordian book to display them all.
IKEA's building kit has been so much fun to build with!
Everything to do with flying is fun around here!
We also have had fun with riding bikes and playing soccer and baseball outside.  Swimming and bird/animal watching has also been so fun!

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teachingyoungchildren said...

I am glad I found your new blog through Tot School. Jay sounds like a very intelligent child, and I am curious to learn from you.