Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tot School 1

It's been a while since we did a Tot School post.  I decided to move them from This Little Project over to our Family Academy blog instead.  Jay is probably approaching too old to be included as a tot I guess, but I also use Tot School as our record of the week...so even though he is approaching 3.5 years he is still included :)  Kay is 20 months and has really been growing up this past week!  She is talking so much more!
We've been making a village Post Office (more HERE) and after reading Bunny Mail by Rosemary Wells we wrote letters to lots of friends to mail.
Jay is really into birds right now!  This is his favorite page in his bird book.  He loves looking at all the different species.
We picked up a US placemat at the dollar store and made a matching game with the state flash cards.  It was a fun way to review geography.  Jay doesn't read the states yet.  He can tell which state they are just by their shape!
Kay loves stacking and unstacking cups.  We are working on colors.
We have a dance party every day with this little toy keyboard-so fun!
Jay loves his little bird.
Kay really loves the farm puzzle and is really good at doing puzzles.  Her favorite animals are pigs and horses right now.
Both Jay and Kay have had a lot of fun with our village.  They play with it and help me make a new piece for it each day!  We made this swing for the park.
Here is Jay painting the roof of the Library.  We have been reading quite a bit lately and Jay is really improving.  He can sound out pretty much anything so we are working on sight words more.
For more ideas of what other tots have been up to, see where we link into Here.

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