Sunday, May 30, 2010

March Tot School

March was a busy month with the arrival of our little Ellie! Jay took this photo of her.

This makes my heart sing: my little ones LOVING their books!

Grandma came to visit and made Jay this quilt for his new bed!

Lots of time on the piano for Jay :) He loves to play for Ellie and is good at picking out tunes. He loves the sound of the Westminster chimes most!

St. Patrick's day rainbow colors activity with skittles

A penguin manipulative made from a cereal box. Jay puts together subtraction equations and then groups raisins to match the numbers; feeding the ones that are subtracted away. He loves this!

Gymnastics class for Jay and Kay

Little Ellie was born and loved much!

I made an plastic eggs alphabet matching game
They look like this when they are matched:

We made a maze with paper towel rolls and magnets and rolled mini plastic eggs down it. It was a great engineering/gravity/art activity.

A transferring activity with mini plastic eggs and a tiny basket.

I've been reading the book: Montessori Play and Learn. I was inspired by the ideas about what little people can learn to do and how they can take care of their space. I've been implementing that into our "education." Kay is sweeping up a mess she made :)
We've had a great time learning together!


Our Family Adventures said...

You do some of the cutest things!! I didn't get a chance to tell you, but I enjoyed your talk so much on Sunday. Thanks!!!

Linford Family said...

Fun projects!! You are so creative! We miss you guys! Hope all is well with ya.

Lesley said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment for the Meramid GiveAway. Your children are lovely and are enjoying having you as their teacher in life. Its a lot of work I am sure but so worth it!
We love all those Montessori at home activities too.