Saturday, April 3, 2010

February Tot School

February was a busy month for us because we were getting ready for our new baby to be born, in addition to other activities.

We had fun separating candy hearts by color into the right "heart" and then counting to see how many there were of each color and which color had the most/least.

Jay and Kay made at least 30 valentines for friends and family. We made a variety, including these, and used them for art and writing practice for the first half of the month.

We LOVE to learn new things!
Jay and Kay had a great time string beads and pieces of cut straws onto these metal hearts (which I made by pulling a hanger apart for each of them).

We learned the months of the year song (to the tune of 3 blind mice) and talked more about seasons.

Jay continues to learn the violin and is able to play fingers on the strings now. He loves the rhythm "Mississippi Hot Dog."

Kay gives concerts like this regularly. She loves to sing and play the piano.

We did many snowman and gingerbread themed activities. Here is our snowman activity from rice krispies and marshmallows.

Jay is reading well enough that I made him a scripture tote so he can take them to church with him. He reads scriptures for his class.

Kay is trying out the baby's car seat.

Jay made a special baby rattle for our baby that started with his artwork.

These two sillies can climb into the crib and read and build forts for hours. Jay can think of 101 things to do with a slinky!
Kay continues to fine-tune her speaking skills. And loves to read books right now. They are both very excited to have a new little baby in our home next month!

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