Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tot School #3

We've had fun learning lots of new things this week.  Both Jay and Kay have been having fun on these roller skates.

Kay loves to push EVERYTHING around. She is a pro at steering and getting this stroller on and off of the porch!

This drum set has been a lot of fun to play with and provides lots of sharing practice :)

Kay and Jay strung these noodle necklaces at the Library craft time.

This is a color puzzle.  Kay loves that she can move the colors from place to place.  Jay has been practicing reading the color labels and matching the colors to the right place.

Kay still loves to gather and collect things. That is the other thing she does with this puzzle.

We have been working on writing a new letter each day.  Here are Jay's "K's".  He figured out how to draw them himself and didn't want me to tell him differently :)

Geography has been more "enlightening" since we found this light up globe at the thrift store :)  We've been reviewing this week.

The Leap Frog" Talking Word Factory" video is a good one.

Kay finds just the right amount of challenge in her train shape puzzle, and is getting to be really good at it.

We had fun making edible sparklers and edible rocket fireworks and EATING THEM :)

Play dough without a bird involved would not exist at our house right now :)  We're feathered friends fans.
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