Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrift Store Thoughts

I recently happened upon a little link-in fun called Thrift Store Thursday.  Today is her last post and so I wanted to link in.  She features her Thrift Store finds and lets others share theirs too.  

I think thrift stores are great for a variety of reasons:
1-things cost less
2-they keep things out of the land fills
3-the treasure hunting aspect can be fun
4-there is more variety than the dollar store.

I have actually felt really fortunate to be able to find great educational tools at the thrift store every time I go.  Here are some books I found this week.  5 of them are Usborne, which are quite expensive to purchase.  But the four at the top were only 29 cents each and the hard back one at the bottom was $1.  The Artemis Fowl was 35 cents.

I recently found a couple of Scrabble games at the thrift store (one for $2 and one for $3) and we've had fun using the letters in our village.  I also made this personalized frame with them for my sister's wedding gift.

Holly said she is stopping her weekly link-in because she is spending too much money at the thrift store.  It's true.  While things are a lot less expensive there you really can nickel and dime yourself into debt if you aren't careful.  While the treasures are wonderful, I need to be more careful too :)  $1 can really add up when you spend a bunch of them!

Click on the Thrift Store Thursday photo above to see what others found.


Holly said...

Well, I'm glad you joined my last hurrah! Books are one of my favorite thrift finds, and your scrabble frame is really cute.

Christina said...

Wow, love all of your finds. Great deal on the Usborne books!!

I also love your uses for the scrabble pieces. When my son was younger I bought a thrift set and we used the tiles to go over his spelling words. He needs to touch, see, and feel and that was a great help to him.

Love the village idea!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Great books for the little ones, and I have a collection of the scrabble pieces that I like to use frequently. Jackie

Jenny said...

Great finds. I love Usborne books!

Faith said...

I'm going to have to start grabbing the scrabble games...such a neat idea!