Sunday, May 24, 2009

How it began at my home: about a book

My parents were continually searching for the "right" education for their children.  It was a bit of a trick because each child is unique.  The book was a major turning point in the way they viewed education.  I read it in jr. high as well, which is when they discovered it.

The book will persuade you that real learning comes from the desire within the individual, and that given the chance to pursue his course, the student will choose to learn.

It is a type of schooling that only the bravest of parents will take on.  Because you truly have to trust your child and believe that the world really is a classroom.  As a teenager I ached to have a school like this to go to.

 this reviewer said : Many additional books are available through the school's website at There, one can subscribe to an active discussion list regarding this philosophy. Info about similar schools and startup groups is available at the SERN website,

You can get a larger sense of the philosophy of the book by reading more reviews at Amazon.  Just click the link below:

This book is as good a place as any to begin the process of re-thinking what you assume education is.

"There can be no freedom without learning and learning without freedom is always in vain"-JFK

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